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If you think its too much, why dont you get 7 others and go clear HM TfB, drop biochem, power artifice for a 20% chance to learn a hilt (and never be able to switch professions again).

4 million seems perfectly reasonable to me considering how hard hilts are to get. If anything, the price should be higher.
I only really lurk here, but figured I'd say my 2 credits then go back to lurking.

Anyway, if 4 million is reasonable, then why are there crafters doing a resolve hilt 27 for free + materials? Wouldn't it be just as hard to get as a schematic? Same with the 27 barrels. To be honest, I have done very few ops but my understanding is it's a very similar procedure to get the other hilt and barrel schematics.

(As an aside, "dropping biochem" to PL Artifice just for a CHANCE to make a hilt is the player's choice. What if you had a guy whom was an artificer from day one in your OPS, he didn't have that expense. Sure he still has only a 20 percent chance of learning the schematic, but he didn't have the timesink or money expense of learning two crafting skills to 400, just one. :P )

Now to play devil's advocate with myself, if the guy is getting orders at 4 million plus mats, and if that one on the market as of the time stamp of my post for 8 million does sell, the more power to him, maybe that proves that at least at this moment it isn't to much, IF he does get customers and/or sales. But since I don't know him, all I can go by is what other crafters charge for their fees. And I don't see anyone else charging 4 million as a fee right now.

Okay, like I said dodging back out.

ADDENDUM: I do wish to add to this. Someone said "Oh, let the guy charge what he likes, don't feel so entitled". I don't feel entitled to a Might 27 hilt. If I couldn't afford free crafting fee if I supply materials, I still wouldn't. I am only looking at this from the angle of a potential customer. I see other similar items like a willpower based hilt and gun barrels at 27 that are being made for free crafting fee if mats are supplied by the customer. So all I can do as such is compare prices. And even if a Might 27 hilt is very new to this server, such a fee is vastly more expensive compared to other similar items.

Now, do I wish the guy to not make money? No. If he actually gets a customer at that price, more power to him. But for me, no it's much too expensive and I feel it's vastly overpriced.

Okay, I really should just get back to lurking. I know the intent of this thread is just to document whom can make what endgame items, not discuss if an artisan is charging a fair price or not.