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Expanded Companion System
1. Revamp the conversation system to follow Mass Effect and Dragon Age.
1.1 Conversations are branching and will always be repeatable, in case you need to go back to a previous one.
1.2 All companions have the same set of conversations that made characters in Mass Effect and Dragon Age so rich. Conversations about their backstory, their past, their fears, their hopes, their homeland, their opinion of you as a leader.
1.3 All companions should have a main mission that has depth and meaning.

2. New content for you and companions.
2.1 A new content for solo players, that requires the use of all 5 of your companions instead of just 1. It will be like a group mission, only it will involve your companions instead of other players. May have some similarities to the "end mission" of Mass Effect 2, where success depends on your companion's affection level.
2.2 Makes companions more meaningful, a new content for solo players that other MMOs do not have.
2.3 Boosts the economy because now you have to gear up your companions instead of the one you use. Gear, affection determines the success chance of your companions.
2.4 The ultimate end-game for solo players, a new path for them to gear up, and extra incentive to pursue the presence unlocks on legacy.