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12.13.2012 , 11:38 PM | #1
I am still a bit confused. I have beat all the new ones minus the minefield one cuz I ran out of time. Each first completion gave me fleet comms and credits and I got 1 daily mission that, after repeating the missions, gave bh, daily, fleet comms and credits. This 1 resets next week.
So we got new missions that after we beat them once, the only use for them afterwards is we can run 1 of them a day for daily rewards?! Why did they not make them all daily missions reset daily?! I want to do these new missions each day for awhile but if there is no reward then what's the point?
Do you all think they should all be dailys? Maybe once u beat the daily and get the bh comms, the others won't give MORE bh comms but will still drop daily/fleet comms at least?

I want more out of these new missions than 1 random a day. That's just like 5 mins of content a day they added. I a waste!
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