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Thank you very much, that actually tells me a lot.

I've played "evil" characters in many role-playing games, and one of the first things I had to teach myself in order to play one correctly is that evil characters don't really think of themselves as evil, they think of themselves as the good ones and everyone else is obviously evil and corrupt.

Apoc and Torian are both light side, but the fact that they're Mandalorians gives them a hard edge that they wouldn't otherwise have. Umbral and Quinn are basically evil incarnate, lol. The story I'm working on now (which centers on Jedi Master Isad'ia and Darth Umbral again like my first one did) has a lot more from them and I hope I can once again pull off the "Love to hate them" feeling.

I dont like the way people seem to humanize the Sith warrior and Quinn either. Yes, they're people and they have emotions, but their darkness is what makes the characters. I don't know if people write them as nobler and kinder than they are because it's hard to sympathize with a villain, or if people truly believe that evil people cannot feel love or any kind of higher emotion other than hate, which is simply untrue. Evil people love - it's just usually a very selfish, passionate, and volatile love.

I had wanted to write a book for a long time in which the protagonists are 'evil' and the antagonists 'good'. While I don't do that with my SW fiction yet, I may one day write a story from the point of view of Umbral and Quinn's child. Until then, I'll content myself with making Darth Umbral one sinister, dark, complicated woman with a vicious streak the size of Yavin 4.
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