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Anyone who thinks the force was never inteted to be magic, is kidding themselves.

Star Wars is a space opera (, but if the setting were placed in a fantasy world, the force would be magic, oh wait. I can prove it.

If you've ever seen the movie Eragon (the movie, not the books, the movie more clearly shows how it copies the plot of star wars.) then you may have noticed something.
  • Guardians of peace are slaughtered by a power young upstart furthering their own cause - plumeting the properous kingdom into a brutal tyranical empire.
  • A group of rebels rise up against the evil king, but stay hidden and strike only in small hit and run attacks.
  • A powerful item or knowledge (the last free dragon egg in Eragon, and the droids with the deathstar knowledge in SW) is lost in an ambush.
  • A young farmer finds the item of importance and the secret leads them to an old hermit.
  • The old hermit reconizes the important item for what it is, the key to defeating the empire and the boy is clearly connected to the item.
  • The evil empire attacks the boys farm, killing his family and forcing the boy and the hermit to flee.
  • The hermit reveals he's the last of an ancient order, and the boy holds the key to the empire and begins to train the boy in the use of magic.
  • The boy and hermit discover a princess is trapped and attempt to free the said princess
  • In the process, the hermit dies before the the boys training is complete
  • The boy leads the princess to the hidden rebel base, where his new found powers aiding the rebellion help deliver a decisive blow to the enemies and the rebellion that was near defeat finds new life and slowly becomes a more powerful threat.

Everything fantasy is there, Swords, wizards, princesses, empires, magic, epic struggle of good vs evil.

Take star wars and drop it into ANY setting, medieval times, steam-punk, the future, at it's core the story of star wars is a marriage of fantasy and sci-fi and since it's fantasy, there HAS to be magic.

So really, anyone getting mad that the force is being "turned into" magic, is flat out wrong, it always was magic, and it always will be magic and more and more wizards will continue to appear in the EU and Luke will always be the grand wizard.

Hell, the Sith inquisitors have an advanced class called a sorcerer, there is a planet of force users known as the Witches of Dathromir