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1) Managing a rated team is a lot harder than managing a premade. Most of the time 1-2 ppl in an 8-man group will need to go offline after a game or two. Lots of people dont want to commit to playing 2hrs straight (with no breaks for dinner or misc etc)

2) When forming a rated, the pops will take longer if one of the rated groups pops to a normal Q. The other ranked teams will have to wait until the first group is finished with the regular pop before the Q gets going again (painful wait).

3) There are around 1-2 games going per night (4 lots of 8 at max). Really not that many ppl that Q for WZs - splitting them up even further may even cause no one to pop in any game. When that happens, the rated team just Q for normal.

4) Some rated teams only Q when everyone is on TS or Vent. Some ppl just cbf and want a casual game.

With that being said, there is room for rated when leaders of two guilds communicate and agree to Q up together. As soon as a third guild Qs, 1 team waits an entire WZ without a pop. It is gonna happen when there are an odd number of teams - and when that happens the odd team stops Q, then if one of the other teams disband, the cycle continues. Which really just ends up being everyone Q for normal.

Basically the way its structured isnt that great - but i haven't got another solution so i'm not gonna dwell on it.
yes maybe it is the game but if all the cool kids and big guild worked together and when yous can't get number in guild ask outer guild it would be easyer to form a team of 8 and there for more ppl playing ranked there for more pops. another thing if ppl stoped farming normal war zone more ppl would play pvp .also if the big guilds didn't take it so full on and pulled ther lightsaber/gun out of there behind and just played ranked game no matter what. who cares if the whole team not on a chat server if everyone in the group if geared and know the wz you don't need a chat server. also if the raked team didn't que for normal they wouldn't pop normal then they other team wouldn't have to wait. so maybe bioware should have made ranked not a 8 man que make it so singles 2 3 4 wat every can que. i would love to play ranked as iam over exchageing 30 normal coms for 10 ranked as that is how i have had to do it for mjrat and it takes forever if ppl would ask i would play. so maybe the big guild when ther can't form 8 man group in guild instead of farming normal just ask out of guild we would then have more ranked teams and more ranked pops