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Why are some of you so cruel to other people in this game? Not to me personally but I notice a lot of horrible behavior out of some of you. You belittle, bully, push around, make fun, and generally act like a d'bag to the new players. I've been here since beta and it has gotten progressively worse. Since this game does have some younger people i am going to assume some of the replies and trolls in general are from punk teenagers who don't know any better for whatever reason as they think it's ok to be a jerk because it's the internet. The rest of you though should know better. Just remember what goes around comes around. Karma is a B. it. ch. Oddly enough I know some of you are adults who SHOULD know better than to behave like a scammy (NOT SCUMMY) 12 year old dennis the menace who takes enjoyment from getting a rise out of other people and or just being a outright jerk. Are you like this all the time or is this your defensive mechanism forged through years of crappy upbringing? In that case i understand why your behavior is such that it is you think it's the world's fault and you're entitled to be an ***.

To MOST of you good people thanks for the enjoyment and interaction you bring to the game as it is due to good people like you that make our game better. For the rest of you that this post is directed at please do the game a favor and grow up and act like a civilized person don't be so mean to the new players and make our great game die due to lack of population because a few bad apples chased them all off. Who knows, by being a nice and helpful person you may just make a few friends. That is all.
Kids....and sometimes adults that never grew up. The reason they do it is because they can. Report them, then don't give it a second thought.
May the Schwartz be with you....