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Now the real question is why are they even obtainable in the cash shop in the first place ?

No purple items should be there. Period.
They are there because there are people such as myself that play the game and can afford the nine dollars it cost to buy them but do not have the time to run every mission, every day for 60 days....and I enjoy them.

Some of us don't live the game, some do. If you would rather earn them in game, then earn them in game. I'll do a little of each as time permits. How I play does not affect you at all.

Bottom line here is that you are not the only one playing the game and though I can respect your opinion, I disagree with it, or your contention that because you do not want to buy them, no one should be able to. I personally do not enjoy mind numbing grinding. We are not in direct competition in space as we would be in PvP so no harm no foul.

You play your way, I'll play my way. That is what they are allowing to occur.
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