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1) Managing a rated team is a lot harder than managing a premade. Most of the time 1-2 ppl in an 8-man group will need to go offline after a game or two. Lots of people dont want to commit to playing 2hrs straight (with no breaks for dinner or misc etc)

2) When forming a rated, the pops will take longer if one of the rated groups pops to a normal Q. The other ranked teams will have to wait until the first group is finished with the regular pop before the Q gets going again (painful wait).

3) There are around 1-2 games going per night (4 lots of 8 at max). Really not that many ppl that Q for WZs - splitting them up even further may even cause no one to pop in any game. When that happens, the rated team just Q for normal.

4) Some rated teams only Q when everyone is on TS or Vent. Some ppl just cbf and want a casual game.

With that being said, there is room for rated when leaders of two guilds communicate and agree to Q up together. As soon as a third guild Qs, 1 team waits an entire WZ without a pop. It is gonna happen when there are an odd number of teams - and when that happens the odd team stops Q, then if one of the other teams disband, the cycle continues. Which really just ends up being everyone Q for normal.

Basically the way its structured isnt that great - but i haven't got another solution so i'm not gonna dwell on it.