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I would be really interested to find out how many players are completing these missions and if it was worth the development time put into them.

The diffculty of the missions seems dialed up too high and I can't see the reason for it. It really isn't balanced for the reward but thats only the tip of the problem. The incredible gear grind to get to the point of just being able to fly them must be a massive turn off for all but hard core space fans (unless you use the cartel market or gtn from the cartel market). But then I don't see where the fun comes repeating the same mission learning where all the enemies come from (its a rail shooter they never change) and then by trial and error and a lot of luck getting through.

The control is so limited in a rail shooter there is no feeling of a difficult dog fight against an ace its pew pewing at targets hoping they will go down and I would love to see the metrics of the game and how much this has added to the star wars experience.
No completions here. Not even close with all T6 gear. Total massacre in under 30 seconds in most of them. Tried each of them at least a couple times. This after running the previous 3 level 50 missions almost daily with only one hand, using peripheral vison only, and watching tv.

Not interested enough to hack off both left limbs in order to finance the T7 parts required for a real attempt at finishing them. The rewards suck too; it would take months just to recoup the cost of getting set up to run them assuming you could complete them with T7 parts.

Total negative experience for me.