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12.13.2012 , 07:18 PM | #853
As others have said I have no problem with them putting some of the Life Day items in the shop, but they went too far when they put ever Life Day object in there. They didn't even bother to give us an event but then pretend we have something to celebrate about, I'm referring to the article asking us to post our celebration picture. I've played my share of MMO and Iíve never seen something like this done. The fact they would do this, doesnít make me hopeful for the future of this game. If there was a time to do an event, it was this month.

They didnít even have to do Life Day, but they should have done something for the game 1st year anniversary. Beyond the pitiful fireworks that arenít even as good as SWG fireworks. Before anyone say then leave, I still enjoy the game and want to support it, that why I am a sub, but some of the thing they are doing isnít making it easy.

Hopeful they will see how upset the community is and never do this again.