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The simple answer to your question is:

a) War Hero gear only costs normal warzone commendations now. Therefore, even though these premades may consist of players who are in full War Hero gear, they are most likely grinding normal comms in order to BiS (Best in Slot) their gear by ripping certain mods or enhancements from War Hero items.

b) You cannot honestly say that a lack of pops affects people on our server from playing ranked warzones. Yes sure, there are many guilds with enough PvP players who are capable of queuing for ranked warzones. You have to consider however, that most of these guilds have players from varying timezones (Australia West/East Coast, New Zealand, various Asian countries and even some from America). This not only affects the ability of guilds themselves to put together a ranked team consistently, but also the availability of said ranked team when any other guild may be queuing.

Also, 3 or 4 players from the same guild in a normal warzone is no indication that they have 8 geared enough players to form a ranked warzone team.
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