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The amount varies depending on the length of the match and the skill of who is being fought. Assuming I am fighting average players on longer match I average around 550k to 660k healing in the bubble corr/lightning hybrid, around 550k damage in full madness, 590k damage in hybrid (lightning/madness). Lightning in pvp varies alot, yesterday I hit 760k damage in full lightning on voidstar, but alot of its capability depends on multiple targets being nearby and if said targets live long enough for you to set up your burst. On average I say I usually hit around 450k damage in full lightning.

The tactics you use to hit high numbers vary based on the spec you are playing. In the bubble stun hybrid I heal mostly just by keeping bubbles up on everyone, and then using resurgence + innervate for burst healing as needed.

In the hybrid dpsI usually dot up several targets with affliction to maximize my chances at getting lightning barrage. You can use lightning barrage as an easy way to get extra wrath procs quickly while crushing darkness is on cooldown. While not technically a dps increase it gives you a chance at getting lightning storm proc. Using force strom on grouped up enemies is another "decent" way to get instant chain lightning. Combining Instant chain lightning and deathfeild gives us decent aoe pressure and burst.

I can give more specific information reguarding all the specs if need be
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