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It took another two login tries to get my subscriber status back in-game.

However this brings up a HOST of issues.
My quickbars went away and when they did get back - I had to spend 30 minutes reslotting all my abilities. Not exactly what I want to do when I play a game.
My vehicle skill downgrades. And when subscriber status comes back I have to pay to train my vehicle skill back up again. This is also b******t.
My STAP deleted itself from my abilities tab. Luckily it came back when I got my subscriber status back in the mail. But still. I am pretty sure deleting my vehicle is not cool.

My biggest complaint about this is the UI features. The quickbars are a basic UI function - a necessity to play your game and yet you are charging free players for them. It's a very poor and sad move. It engenders a distrust and basic wariness of the quality of the game that feels the need to nickel dime people for essential gameplay USER interface elements. Imho you should have left the 4 quickbars and added 2 for subscribers but removing them? A horrible move. And obviously causing a problem for me and other subscribers when they DISAPPEAR and force us to reslot all our abilities when we manage to get them back.
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Just adding that this very same problem happened to me as well, including the host of issues mentioned above. After logging out and quitting, then restarting the game my character was back as a subscriber but quick-bar slots were empty and Digital Deluxe items were missing until mail later came in.

When I saw everything was missing and I had to use Cartel Coins for hide head slot and such I was simply SHOCKED!! Yes, I was fortunate to quickly remedy the error but it troubles me greatly that something like that happened and may happen again.