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12.13.2012 , 06:37 PM | #673
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You cheapened the integrity of the market once you started putting top tier gear (of any kind) for sale on the Cartel Market.

That is the fundamental problem here. If you guys want to start selling more top-tier gear on the Market... and I don't care what the cost is...just come out and say it so that I can unsub because that isn't the MMO I signed up for.
Pretty much this. Except I'll play until the "doomsday" date. The game will become utter dung if/when they start selling PVE/PVP gear.

I don't play MMOs that you can just log on, buy everything endgame with real money then be done with it. When you don't have to earn anything on the game anymore, there's no point to play it.

Deep down I sort of hope they just get it over with soon. It kind of sucks waiting in fear of the day the game is going to be ruined...the day to "rip off the bandaid" and move along to another MMO...