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Ok iam not here to start crap but i just want to understand it. i don't get why people who are more then able to play ranked would choose to group up and play normal war zone. when i would much rather play ranked if i could. don't say it because there are no pops because if every one that made premade in normal joined up ans played ranked there would be plenty of pops. i just don't get how smashing a team is fun for me a fun game is one that is a close win like a hutt ball game that is right down to the last sec as anyones game or a denova coast that is like 0 to 2 % not a three cap win all a 6 socre in like 5 min in huttball. also how is exchanceing 30 normal coms for 10 ranked coms is worth it. when if you just played ranked you get all ranked coms and if for same reason you did need normal coms you can exchance 10 ranked for 10 normal. so my question is WHY FARM NORMAL WAR ZONES WHAT DO YOU GAIN FROM DOING SO??????????????????????????

P.s iam not talking about people trying to gear up iam talking about people who are in war hero gear or better and when there are 3 or more of the same guild in the warzone in other words a premade team .

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maybe i have pissed of same people and said same thing i shouldn't have and iam sorry for that.