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There's really a huge disparity between the difficulty though. I think if you can't admit that you're just trolling.

These are also supposed to be daily quests. Daily quests that you do every day shouldn't be set to Nightmare Inferno difficulty.
These are meant to be tough space missions to test more advanced players and have a weekly mission tied to them as an incentive to complete them. They are not meant to be dailies, they in the same league as Ops or HM FPs. I know they're harder, I believe the word I used was "BRUTAL" and I love them. It actually feels awesome when you down one.

Quote: Originally Posted by Amantino View Post
Wow, that was a lot of pages. Being able to buy the Ship parts in Cartel Shop removed all the prestige about completing all space missions and having BiS space gear. BioWare really messed up here.
What prestige? You can't show it off, you can't inspect people's ships and it makes no cosmetic difference on anything. You can feel good about getting it, but if thats you motivation just earn them instead of buying them. I get my sense of accomplishment from finishing the missions (even in PvE), the gear is just a means to an end for me.
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