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12.13.2012 , 05:51 PM | #79
Wow, Pax has been playing non-stop as a guild for an entire year!

So, time to reflect on this year.... This is almost depressing lol

Between all my characters, I spent 59 days, 7 hours INSIDE THE GAME THIS YEAR! That's 59.29 days, divided by 366 days this year (leap year)... that's 16.37% of the ENTIRE TRIP AROUND THE SUN THAT I WAS PLAYING THIS GAME! lol That's not counting all the time I spent on forums, my guild website, planning out names/race/classes of characters, theory crafting, etc. etc. Holy cow... And that's with work, grad school, and being on some sports teams. I can only imagine how crazy this is for other people... lol.
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