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The Revivers have left the main part of the galaxy and have instead found refuge on the planet Lehon. They decided to step out of galactic affairs, because of a leadership failure. The last thing they did before breaking up, is they have removed all members history of work with the Revivers. Giving everyone a new start, of those who decided to leave the Revivers. Unfortunately with these new identities some of the ex-Revivers have infiltrated both the Empire, and the Republic. The people who are still part of the Revivers, on Lehon, have declared neutrality. One of the leaders named Corruck Zann took the entire fleet to the outer reaches of the galaxy before shutting down everything. Intending on the fleet finally being destroyed, as far as records show he died on the fleet.

The Empire sees this hidden fleet as a amazing prize worth collecting to give them an edge in the war. The Republic seeks to stop this from falling for the Empire. However the war is at a stand still while the Republic and the Empire scramble to get more resources before the other. Also the military leaders of both side have learned of the Reviver infiltrators. Both sides are now also spending time trying to remove these threats. While all this is happening pirates and other underworld workers have used this as an opportunity to gain a small fortune, if they do the right job. And other reports of a secret organization, called the Order of the Shadow. Little is known but so far little concern has been placed on it...

Okay next part of the series. Sorry for any discrepancies. This RP takes place two years after the beginning of the war started in Secret Stratagem.

This RP is based mostly around the Republic and Empire, firstly trying to remove Reviver Infiltrators, secondly capturing the fleet and dealing with it according to whichever or whoever gets it, and on a less important note. The Imperial Intelligence and the SIS have both found curiosity in the Order of the Shadow. So information on them will be hard to find, but possibly quite rewarding.

I am simply setting this one up for when Secret Stratagem ends, which will likely end after the space station assault, and everything straitens out. Rafeesh might come back. And I will post his bios if he comes into it. Sign-ups OPEN

Species: Human
Name:Graal Worg
Place of birth: Alderaan
Allegiance: The Republic
Profession: General of Army and Security Forces
Primary weapon: blaster pistol
Secondary weapon: N/A
Miscellaneous items: varies depending on situation

Biography: Graal was ready to join the Army as soon as he was old enough. He was an excellent fighter, quickly outmatching his colleagues in most forms of combat. Once the War started he proved himself to be quite capable. However after his family was killed in a bombardment, he began being more reckless with his own life in order to save others. When he met his first mandalorian in combat, he found him disgusting because of the mandalorians love of battle. Graal wished he could stop such stupidity, as such he soon began hunting mandalorian targets during the war. Killing far more than his fare share of mandalorians, but each time he felt worse. However, one time he was raiding a mandalorian weapons cache when he was hit by shrapnel from a frag grenade. He was taken to a hospital on Alderaan, to have a surgery to remove the shrapnel. The surgery succeeded and he was ready for combat very soon after. However he was not allowed back into the War because of his recklessness. He was given the rank of General after the War, for helping rebuild Alderaan and start work on taris.
Corruck ZannWe are few, they are many. But the Force is our ally and a strong one. We shall not fail.
NarothI am a Lord of the Sith Empire. I am the darkness that consumes all. Be assured nothing shall escape me.