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Old complaints:
- Space is on rails
- Space is to easy
- There is no incentive to do space

New complaints:
- Space is too had
- Space is P2W
- Space is on rails

People really will complain about anything. Space is a completely optional minigame with some minor incentives now that are limited. You get more comms from running TFB SM up to Dread Guard than you do from a whole week of space missions.

Personally, I'm glad I could buy the new gear and try out the new missions straight away. They are BRUTAL but they are awesome fun and a great challenge. Sure, they'll get stale in a little bit once I've beaten them all but I will probably keep running them because there is an incentive.

I also agree with Joveth. The disparity between buying the new parts with CC (which I did) and grinding them is the issue. Its the same as Rocket Boots, first thing I bought with CC but I refused to spend millions of creds on them. Get rid of the Stabilizers on the recipe and the crafted ones are competitive, as long as those remain a component they will never be lucrative for crafters because the cost price is so high and they are competing for mats with grade 26/27 mods which cover MUCH MUCH more of the game.

Its only P2W if:
- You can't get the best gear without buying it.
- You have to spend the money to remain competitive (ie. buying buffs).

It's getting close to P2W if:
- You can buy the best gear.

Anything less than that, is convenience and provides a way to bring people up to speed without grinding for intermediate tiers. I have no problem with someone being able to buy stock Campaign gear or War Hero so they can get straight into HM TFB or start grinding out EWH gear. These are both easy enough to acquire in game without skill, it just takes a couple of weeks.
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