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You people are completely sheltered. I don't understand how you can manage to keep alive from day to day if you throw a hissy fit if someone says a bad word. You are some tattle tales. I find the Barrens chat in DK occasionally funny. When it isn't, I don't look at it.
Oh, brother.

I can't speak for the other posters, but I don't refer to simple "bad words", I'm talking about the complete disregard for any semblance of decency what-so-ever.

You mention barrens chat from WoW. I played since vanilla and virtually all my characters were horde (9 out of 10 slots were horde toons on nearly all the servers I played on, before I quit in Cata) so I was in the barrens quite a bit, questing or farming mats. I've seen the worst it had to offer, and on numerous occasions SWTOR has topped that. I can't repeat what was said here on the forums for hopefully obvious reasons, but the crap that often goes on is waaaay past a few Eff Yous and such... and this is from someone who has been known to cuss like a sailor when especially irritated with something, but only in close company.

So no, it's not a matter of people being too thin skinned or what have you, it's the community devolving into a mass of ******s. : P

TheNahash : I've seen plenty of that too, unfortunately. As others have mentioned, when people have the option of being a jerk with no consequences, they'll do so.