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Hey all, i was a big proponent of swtor and then a very large hater for a while ( i hated it because i expected more). Anyways, i came back last month to play and figured i'd give my honest feedback. I resubbed and dropped 35$ on cartel coins.

performance was terrible at launch. I can run borderlands 2, bf3, gw2 on max settings. I can run swtor much better but still have to keep my settings on low and a lot of things turned off. I have seen improvements but you still have a long way to go on this game. As a program manager in real life this would honestly be my top priority for my development team.

pvp is the same so it seems, but im just levleing. I am one of the people that pvp's and enjoy swtor for it's pvp. The threshold of gear/skill in swtor is taking a very disastrous turn. i expected more from you guys....after ilum. PvP should never be about gear > skill.....this is where every mmo fails. having Lack of gear in pvp, in swtor is such a crutch. I hope you guys come up with a better solution to this.

Space combat, nice to see you releasing heroic missions but the bigger issue remains that there is absolutely no longevity in space combat with the current model. i feel like this was a wasted resource of man power. Really gotta put the space into swtor bioware.

Leveling is still fun and the stories and layouts are great.

The feeling of lonliness is still there though, even on high pop servers, the lack of ambient background makes me feel like im playing a single player game. No wind, or rustling or conversations. I don't think you realize just how important it is to immerse your players in the world. The storylines are great and the cut scenes but the worlds feel very incomplete still and lifeless still.

I've always loved swtor combat so no complaints there.

Crafting , well i am leveling it, but it's hollow since you dont actually craft.

The cartel market. I like the cartel market idea, what i don't like is that you are actually ripping off your subscriber base. This is complete and utter b.s on your part. You have loyal subscribers and then for supporting you, you want them to almost be forced into gambling their money away for more. Shame on you, this is called milking your consumer and it's sad you resorted to this on people who were willingly paying you 15 dollars a month. You should give subscribers at least 720 coins a month to cover the cost of two packs. 1 pack is pretty cheap. secondly, there should be "real" rewards for being a subscriber.

You stripped away game necessities and called them advantages for the subscriber then added "fluff" and gear to the shop. What sucks is that its meaningful equipment.....this should never happen to the people who are paying regularly.

with world pvp still not in game, space combat not changed and this incredibly deceptive pay to play, free to play model i must say that despite the enjoyment i have leveling, i wont resub. Whether people agree or not, this f2p model was an outright insult to the people that supported this game. You need to focus on what to do after everyone gets done with your "our story will drive the game" aka level 50 .

take off the rails bioware, treat the people that support you honestly , and fix what's not working first before you start milking us for every penny we have.

i still hope that maybe one day this game will become what i've always dreamed of in a star wars game. A game where I am a hero or a villain, where i can choose to be a pilot, entertainer, bounty hunter, builder/crafter, and live that life online. Right now , i still feel like it's over at 50.......