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We often focus so much on the poor players and bad situations that when somebody goes out of their way to make things work or survives and succeeds against impossible odds or says or does something epic, we fail to acknowledge the achievement anywhere near as much as we should.

The situation:
Tank: geared Campaign and rakata 50/50
DPS 1: Full campaign guild Sorc
DPS 2: Full Dread Guard guild Sniper

Guild healer had to leave due to wife aggro just after everbody's favorite wipefest robot. We decided to take a chance at finding a healer on the group finder.

After about a 20 minute wait in queue and just as we're talking about calling it, we get a hit on a healer. 16K health, first time in there, you know the horror story. About as apparently undergeared as he could get. level 34 green implant and in quest oranges with level 47 mods in them. /facepalm

Because this was late at night we decided to take a chance on him with the monkey boss on the caveat that if we wiped, we'd have to drop him to find somebody more "properly" geared with more experience.

Explained the fight, told him the healer tricks I use on my sorc when healing LI and let it rip.
Fight starts happening, Boss jumps to the pipe, healer is keeping up just fine even with his crappy gear, healing his heart out and doing everything he could perfectly. One of our overgeared, experienced DPS falls off the platform and dies. DOH.

Healer stands by his word and starts to drop group thinking he was the cause of the wipe and taking the initiative and responsibility for doing what was best for the group overall. We all jumped on that and reminded him that we'd only want him to step aside if it was his fault. As it wasn't, he was still good to run with us if he wanted to stay. He agreed to stick around and see just how far we could get.

You know, we got back in with no fuss whatsoever, got set up and proceded to single shot that monkey and Lorrick without breaking a sweat or even coming close to dying.

While I'm aware that multiple factors contributed to the overall success of the group including 3/4 massively overgeared for the area, people like that poorly geared but epic healer are exactly what we want on my guild's ops teams. We got to talking about his gear and found that because he was so poorly geared, most people wouldn't run with him or even give him a chance. He was an old WoW 25 man endgame raid healer back in the day and he'd just gotten back into ToR after a 6 month hiatus.

We snapped him up, ran with him through a couple of hardmode ops (as an equal, while he geared out he got stronger but he was capable and willing right out of the box) and he's currently progressing in tfb HM with his team.

The moral of the story is that the gear can't replace a good player, only buff existing skills. This guy was doing some amazing stuff with very little resources and is over the top now that he's got good gear. I'm glad our group took the chance and we'll gladly do it again.

It more often than not pays to at least take a chance, sometimes those "noobs" are way more special than you might think. Sometimes you might even learn something yourself.