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I dps so I will only comment on that. I do reach over 350 frequently but almost always when I have a healer in group who is decent. Up time is the most important thing for dps with the sorcerer you are very unbursty so you need to stay up to see the good numbers.

1: I use AOE for insta kills keep your eyes out for anyone under 25 percent health then drop it on them.
2: If you can get in a group with a healer and make friends.
3: Move constantly do not stay in one spot and turret look for new positions.
4: Stay away on the fringes you are long range and need to use it "I have problems with this".
5: When focused run to your team they may peel or even focus fire your attackers for you. Do not run to the open space you will be followed and killed.

After that it gets spec specific what are you running?
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