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That's true, but the wrist laser is a) an expanding cone, and b) deals higher damage at longer range. Moving him close to the pillar makes positioning easier, since you have a much smaller segment of the room which becomes off limits, and reduces the overall damage taken by the person being targeted.
The person can/should be standing right in front of him (melee range) when being targeted by the wrist laser, if he is on top of the pillar or at 20m away, the wrist laser will shoot the person he has targeted and will still hit the pillar. When employing this strat you usually have the majority of the raid focusing around the center of the field, and never have to worry about wrist laser hitting anyone it shouldnt, as long as the person who is targeted beelines straight through kephess.

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Actually, if you time your burst (as a tank) to coincide with the pillars, this isn't an issue. I almost always pull off my co-tank during the pillar bits if he has agro and I'm just DPSing. 3k DPS from a shadow tank during a burst works out to nearly 7k TPS, once you include threat multipliers and stance buffs. If my procs and cooldowns are up, I can actually top 6.5k DPS (thus, 14.5k TPS). Our DPS are silly good, but even they aren't going to be able to top that number once you factor in the base threat we've already built due to the incessant tank swapping.
It really dependent on the tank and how much burst they can push compared to their dps, my carnage marauder hits about 3k TPS (with guard) on the first face-plant, then up to 7k tps on the longer face plants in phase 2. I usually run with a Jugg and a PT, so they usually have to blow a taunt to be on the safe side, and honestly there is no reason to not blow a taunt during those phases to be on the safe side always.
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