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It is not our intent to make the Cartel Market the “way to play" the game—we want you to feel that both the Cartel Market and earning gear in game are viable options as far as value goes, neither being far more efficient or effective than the other.

Perhaps I'm reading too much into this statement, but this doesn't set my mind at ease. It sounds to me like they don't have a problem with the items being on the cartel market, but rather with the cost of the items when compared to how much work is required in-game to achieve the same result. This troubles me, as it doesn't sound like they are really hearing us. We don't want these sorts of things in the cash shop at all. We don't want pay to win at all. It's not that we're griping because the items don't cost enough, or because it's too hard to obtain them in-game. It's the principle of the thing that we take issue with.

There are two possible negative outcomes I see from this. First, they could reduce the amount of effort required to get the items through the in-game grinding, in order to cheapen them to the point that the cartel market purchase isn't as good a value. I feel this would be a mistake. There's already "not enough" to do at end-game by many player's standards. To reduce the investment required to obtain these items in-game won't help those complaints, and will diminish the achievement of obtaining the items (which is one of the complaints about making them available for a simple purchase; the lack of achievement.)

Second, they could raise the price of the cartel purchase, which doesn't actually solve any problems. The people who already have the items will still have them, for one thing, and the disparity in the time investment necessary to acquire the item through both paths will remain unchanged. Increasing the cost of the items in the cash shop still allows players to acquire them instantly in exchange for real money, and that's the root of the problem. The community is very clear that they do not want players to be able to bypass the mechanics of the game by paying money in the cash shop.

The best outcome, from my perspective, is to pull the items off the cartel market shelves. I still find it disturbing that BioWare thinks these items should be in the cash shop at all, no matter the price. The simple fact that they are there is "pay to win", and I'm not sure BioWare understands that.

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