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I have gave it a shot last night and my parses run 1800-1840 with it and got lucky a couple of times hitting 1876 and 1896 all with NO armor debuff. I tried two different methods: Using project when a DoT or FiB is about to wear off in 1 second and NOT using project but canceling Telekinetic throw when a DoT wears off or FiB is available except when I get the proc for a fast telekinetic Throw.

Now with Full Balance I ran three parse in a row hitting 1848, pretty much zero variation unlike the hybrid but didnt get a ridiculous number like 1876 and 1896. I think The proc hit very often to give me a quick TK throw which resulted in those high parses for hybrid.

So I concluded Hybrid is great for force management and can hit way higher than full balance if the procs come often, but not a stable dps and can do way less then the guaranteed damage like full balance. Then again I may be using project wrong Im still not sure if you are suppsoe to use it or not in Hybrid spec
I'm not an expert in this (read: I cannot yet reach your level of dps ) but the folks at mmo-mechanics spent some time working out sage/sorcerer dps rotations:

Hybrid is discussed about halfway down the page. Their suggested rotation mentions that Shock (Project) is inefficient DpE wise but is useful when you need to be mobile. Also their hybrid build includes two points in Chain Shock (Upheaval) which would increase the average dps of Project over time.