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"We" didn't have any duels after we wiped you 5v5 that night. After we waited a few minutes for your group to come back, which you didn't, everyone went their separate ways to do their dailies.

You killed Romiel and I twice - you didn't kill us "multiple times," as though indicating we were wiped over and over, nor were you attacked by the Champion NPCs. Your group was tucked safely against an empty wall. The only thing you had to fight after making your way into the base was Malkiv, Romiel and Eisys.

I love how Alpha Company even spins fables on the forums to "enhance" their in-game RP.
"you" didn't have any duels or group matches. The two times we were wiped was 1) when we were all in your base and you continually respawned/attacked along with elite npcs and 2) when we were attacked while dealing with Question and his group.

The numerous duels and group fights we had were, again, with Question and his group who showed up WHILE you were there, and we all stayed long after your little side show decided to leave. You want to talk S**T, back it up. If not, move you epeen waving somewhere else. There is no need for it here in this thread.

As for continuing with the patrols, things have seemed very dead as of late, and when we do have a chance encounter with imps (even if we are outnumbered) it seems they would rather leave/avoid confrontation. There is nothing wrong with this, if you have an RP event going and don't want to be bothered, that is your business. However, it gets tiresome not finding many to interact with.

SO, I'm putting this on the table - when/where would the imp guilds looking for RP and/or PvP like to find us? I'll try to adapt the RP patrols to times and locations that you guys prefer.