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Am I reading and understanding the following right....

Grade 7 items I know of ingame cost a huge amount of daily / fleet commendations as well as pricey craftable objects... so giving them out day 1 of the new heroic space missions, in a Cartel pack...
circumventing all ingame crafting/grinding by throwing real world money at them...
is that not by definition "Pay2Win" Space Missions ???

Honestly, as long as it IS obtainable through in-game work....who freaking cares?

It's on the Cartel Shop, which makes sense with their F2P model (P2W..W/E) and it's obtainable through work in-game for subscribers like me who shouldn't have to pay more than $15 a month. Ever..

The REAL PROBLEM here is putting things like gear sets and holiday stuff (Life Day) on the cash shop but not allowing these items to be obtained in the game outside of credit grinding for the massively inflated GTN prices. If BW can't put an in-game event for holiday stuff with dailies so subscribers like me can WORK for the loot, then BW failed hard. If BW can't have Revan's Robe, the Sith Throne, the armor sets, ect become drops from world bosses, end-game bosses, ect then BW failed hard.

Subscribers should never have to pay more than the sub and we should have UNLIMITED ACCESS TO EVERYTHING if we work for it. I don't know about you all, but some of us MMO players like to earn things.

BW, keep selling stuff on Cartel Shop but you need to cater to me and the rest of the subs and allow us to get this stuff in the game as well.
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