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*shrug* So says you. Personally, I like 'em being on the market. I just think that the price in comms was way too high; grinding should be a more feasible way to get 'em. (which I'd guess is the "miscommunication". Those comm prices are way out of whack for what you get for 'em and the time it takes to earn 'em)

Yea its a high price to pay, but that's escalation for you, look at the price of Hazmat implants for Bh coms, its retardedly high, but people still buy them or save for them.

Then again, as I've written already, I also have no problem with them letting us use cartel coins to avoid all sorts of grinding. Some people find the end-game gear grind fun. More do not. A way for those of us who don't care about whether we have the absolute top-tier to quickly gear a toon (particularly an alt, for people who were willing to gear one toon but who don't have the time to do it with a second, even if they wouldn't mind having a geared 50 with a different role or class) enough to at least have a chance at seeing the story-level content in the game we subscribed to wouldn't be the end of the world. Those who want to do the full grind to do all the nightmare modes can still do so and boast of it.

As far as alts go I had suggested a long time ago to allow some sort of Legacy box or storage container, to share items gained on your "Main" to use on alts, currently the only way/shape/form is legacy gear which only helps out when you have a ton of endgame item mods that are all bound. Thus allowing you to skip the grind of doing Story mode FP's - Hard Mode FP's- etc, etc, etc, which is an acceptable way to skip the grind IMO, but allowing you to just buy it and skip it completely with out putting any IN GAME effort.

Some of y'all are going to object that the grind is the whole point of MMO's. Well, I disagree. I play SWTOR to see the story content while playing with friends, not because I like doing daily missions over and over again so that I can get the gear that will allow met to do story mode ops over and over again in order to get the gear that allows me to do the T1 HM ops over and over again so that I can do the T2 SM ops over and over again...... etc.

But that is the way a GEAR progression game works, plain and simple, they even stated it a while back when describing why they removed the Black hole Coms from Story Mode EC, because people were acquiring gear faster than intended, and then went on to say what THEIR intention of the order in which gear was meant to be obtained. I feel that your POV is that of someone who is used to INSTANT GRATIFICATION. And when they start catering to that the game goes downhill fast, IMO. It cheapens the experience.

Don't get me wrong. The endless grind with friends might have been partly fun when I was a lot younger and less busy. But I just don't have time for it. I totally fail to see, therefore, how me paying extra money so that I can have the opportunity to see all the content in the game I've already paid for and subscribed to for a year in any way is unfair to anyone else. Is it "unfair" that other people have more time to play the game than I do? Does that mean that Bioware should figure out how much playtime the average player can dedicate to the game each week and use that as an weekly cap in playtime?

I don't have much time either, but when i can make/get the time to do something, and others are too lazy or simply want to skip the time required to obtain something, it makes ME angry that someone can just hop on spend an extra 20$ and skip all the grind "I" had to do to earn the stuff, however if you said you just swooped in and bought all the items off the GTN (assuming they hadn't released them on the Cartel Market), I wouldn't GAF, have at it, you spent the time in game a different way earning credits to buy it so kudos to you.

Younger folks (those with summer vacations, relatively free undergrad schedules, or no job or kids, etc.) often have an advantage in time. Us busy folks with jobs and kids often have an advantage in money. As long as the money solution can't buy better equipment than you can get through crafting, drops, GTN, etc., then I don't see how P2W is even part of the equation. P2W means that you must pay to win. If you put full Rakata sets (or even Campaign or Dread Guard) on the cartel network that's not P2W. Lots of folks on the server will have already earned all that stuff for free through grinding.

So you are saying that one player has to play the game to earn his gear, and another player works hard at his Real Life job to earn his gear by then just buying it? That line of thought, IMO, ruins the game economy.
And brings up too much hate between RL poor/rich people, and just promotes trolling etc, and is generally bad.
P2W to me means allowing people to skip content(by paying Real money) to get the best gear, which in this case, the best gear for your ship is what you are paying for, you are not paying for grade 1-6, so yea it kinda is, people need to abandon the old line of reasoning what P2W used to mean, and what the majority of people perceive it to mean now.

That's my thoughts on it anyway, take it with a grain of salt, the Cartel Market should only contain COSMETIC ITEMS only, this is just fail.