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12.13.2012 , 03:03 PM | #640
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I don't know what just happened - did a thread get merged? what ever I was quoting was removed making my post pointless. Oh well, wasn't that important anyway.
The mods have deleted hundreds of posts today (this one will likely go eventually too ). That makes sense of course, since as the EA staff member said -- they value our feedback and are listening....*cough*damagecontrolsweepundertherug* cough*


Anyway, I find the official response here awesome. It's pretty clear that EA has no issue providing end game items in the shop (yes, for a "minigame" but I am not going to explain why that's not relevant again as mods will just delete it). The only issue, as they apparently see it, is that people are mad the alternative method of getting these items contain too extreme artificial barriers (comm grind) vs. store price. Enjoy the ride down the slope, folks.
Entitled whiners don't understand the new F2P model purposefully offers a stripped down version of the game to entice people to subscribe, because polls showed people were not willing to subscribe to the full version of the game (wait...what?!).