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Your point, it's on their list of things to not do. I agree. It is on their list of things to not do. BUT that list is irrelevant. I don't believe anything they say. They said "won't put BiS PVE or PVP gear on CM.

But considering their long history of doing the exact opposite of what they say, and considering the fact that BiS gear IS ON THE CM RIGHT NOW. Ohlen's statement is... special.
My only point in regards to Slurmez's post was that he was spreading misinformation about dev statements(which other people might then rely on). If you don't believe dev statements, fine, great, I couldn't care less. I just try and correct false information where I see it. The misinformation bit annoys me because we get rumors blown completely out of proportion all the time on these forums and its not too long before people start treating them as fact.
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