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We truly hope you enjoy the challenge of the new Heroic Space Missions and apologize again for what we hope is a small distraction.

Have you played any of the new space missions cause I get a feeling if you had you wouldn't be suggesting that. The Heroic Missions require you to have the grade seven gear which makes one hell of a grind or few cartel coins, to then complete them once for some space coms far far far less than spent on getting the gear and then complete again for some black hole coms. Which I am not sure anyone who can fly these missions would need any more given 3 ops runs (up to second boss) net closer to 40 a week.

For the fun of a railroad shooter, the difficulty of the missions, the gear required and the reward I can't see what the point of these missions was. And this is all we have to look forward to over the holiday season and likely for the next 9 weeks. What was the plan?