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Quote: Originally Posted by Durasturan View Post
Here is what you said after quoting me.

"Good for you. Don't go around lying about what they said though(your previous claim that their announced plans were to expand this to pve and pvp gear when the exact opposite was true) if you're going to complain about unmet "promises".

Now, looking at the statement You quoted, where did I "claim that their ANNOUNCED PLANS were to expand this to pve and pvp"

My complaint, as I stated in the original post you quoted is.

They SAID they WOULD NOT have end game gear-
But in reality, they put items that are BiS up for real money.
I assumed you were rebutting my post. If you weren't, then I was incorrect in assuming you were supporting Slurmez's statements as part of a quote/rebuttal chain.


Olhen's statements actually only addressed pvp and pve gear specifically.
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