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Okay, you could be right about that, but this is the very same company that may changes to the Marauder Annihilation tree and said it was a DPS increase, but many people showed them the math that it wasn't an increase.

So BW is either inept or lying with that response. Does either one sound like someone you want to trust?
I am objectively correct about what Bioware's statements on this matter have been. Slurmez erroneously claimed that their statements previously indicated their intent to release end game PvE and PvP gear on the Cartel Market.

I have no guarantee for anyone that they'll stick to what they said previously. Regardless, the objective truth of what their statements were remains the same, and spreading blatantly false information about their statements contributes nothing(only serving to discredit the person making incorrect claims).


Durasturan went off on a rant about lying and such, completely unrelated to my original points.
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