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Good for you. Don't go around lying about what they said though(your previous claim that their announced plans were to expand this to pve and pvp gear when the exact opposite was true) if you're going to complain about unmet "promises".
How exactly does whatever you just said contradict my point in any way whatsoever?

My entire point is that we cannot trust what they said because they have mislead us so many times, and your evidence that we can trust them is "they said it won't go into PVE/PVP!"

Well I mean, it already has. Space combat IS PVE, it is a way to earn BH comms which are part of this current tier's progression. I'd say "activities you engage in to earn end game PVE gear is PVE wouldn't you? If not, how would you define PVE? Lol.

Additionally, the un-level restricted +41 crystals are BiS for EVERY class sub 50 regardless of the content you engage in.

Get 2 +41 expertise crystals at level 12 and tell me they haven't messed up here.

EDIT: Rereading your word vomit of post, not only are you wrong, but it appears you completely misread that point. Go reread it. I am saying: They SAID they WONT put end game PVE and PVP gear in the game, not they said they WOULD. Lol.