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That's how people in TOR's targeted player base naturally react to the selling of top end pv/pve gear. In all probability, a substantial portion of the population would quit the game should it become straightforward end game p2win. Unfortunately, in all probability a straightforward end game p2win model is more profitable given an MMO drops below a certain population threshhold. If end game p2win comes, a lot of long timers and new players alike will leave. The game will almost certainly survive for years afterwards, but there's no denying that a substantial group of people would be displeased with the model change.
I will quit in a heartbeat and never look back if they are going to keep doing the P2W model. Basically its why I refuse to play GW2 anymore cause its the same cept you pay to buy gems to convert to gold to get the best stuff. Sad part is I can afford it all with ease but I have a bit more dignity than to buy my way to the best equipment with real world currency in a game that I play for fun.

In an essences allowing the items from the cartel to be sold on the GTN is already close to pay to win since you can get ingame currency but there is still a good bit of items you have to work for in the game.
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