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Jedi Covenant Season 1 3 v 3 Tournement
Official Rules

All matched will be 3v3 and held at the Outlaws Den Dueling Pit. You will have one week to complete your match with the opposing team. If you don't complete your match that week, both teams will be disqualified. All results should be posted in the forums or sent as an inmail to me (Hobi).

Medpacks, Adrenals and grenades are allowed

No toon swapping, you sign up for a team as a set comp, ie. if you signup as a shadow you can't bring a guardian the day of the fight

Respecs are allowed between fights

You can use a fill in player as long as they are not on an active team. Therefore if they have lost previously, you can use them. You must notify the opposing team a day in advance of the scheduled fight that you will be making a comp switch

All matched will start when everyone says they are ready, you may wait for CDs to come back, or if you feel like your a baller start without them

All matched are best of 5

Single Elimination

Brackets will be updated Monday mornings so you will have all Sunday night to schedule the match. I will try and have the results up as early as possible.

Registration ends January 8th

If you have comments or want to suggest a rule let me know. I want it to be as fair and fun as possible.