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Actually, last word from Olhen was that selling end game pve gear and pvp gear was on their list of things to definitely NOT do. The statement here was supposed to be a communication of their intent on space gear, interpreting this ambiguity in such a way would only cause a panic. A request for clarification is in line, fear mongering is not.
They say - "Roll out new content every month"
We get - Three month wait for new content and a four month wait after that.

They say "Ranked in 1.2!"
We get Ranked pulled 3hrs before the patch goes live and no update for over a month.

They say "Ilum is the greatest pvp environment you'll ever see, it will truly blow you away!"
We get it pulled two months in to launch because it's buggy pointless POS.

They say they'll fix it.
We get a date moves more than a squirrel on crack, and it keeps going back and back and back.

We get the game going f2p within a year of launch.

They say they have all sorts of neat events planned for us.
They release two, both are buggy as heck, and then instead of the most recent event they just sell the items on the CM, no quests or anything.

They say "we won't charge subs for any additional content."
We get a retraction less than month later saying "we're still debating on whether Makeb will cost subs."

They say "we won't put gear with stats in the CM."
We get gear with stats.

They say "it won't be the best gear in the game.
We get to pay money for the best gear in the game or grind for months.

They say "it was a mistake, we won't do it again."
... what do you believe?

Personally, we've been lied to and mislead SO MANY TIMES, that I don't believe a word they say about anything.