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12.13.2012 , 01:23 PM | #586
BIOWARE Lessons Learned - Cartel Market 101
  • Do NOT Sell high end gear that gives the image of Play to Win or money Grab.
  • Read comments & Feedback from ALL your players and MMO communities at large.

Grinding is FINE, but you basically forced people to BUY from Cartel Market in order to PLAY the new missions or they spend 2-3 months building up enough materials to make all the Grade 7 Stuff. (Which has a crazy number of high end materials I would rather use to upgrade my PVE gear)

It was like "Here is this cool set of space missions, but you can't play unless you have thousands of Fleet Commendations or just shell out $15 to us in cash and we will give you them instead." - Game on!
Reference Link: Why bother? Folks dropping sub's like flys lately.
WTB Legacy Bound Ear, Implants, Relics

Suggestions to Bioware: Release "REAL" Sub rewards list.