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12.13.2012 , 01:14 PM | #347
Subscription did not force me away. The lack of players around to run with did.

The Free to Play is a nice offer and all but some of the restrictions are so frustrating and the cartel logo is way to in your face. I feel it will frustrate players more than bring them to the game. Also, the hidden things in the restrictions are annoying. You need to adjust the setup to make it less frustrating. Any why havent you put character slot unlocks on the Cartel Market yet? This is money in your pocket if you do. Worst thing to overlook ever in a f2p game.

I let my sub lapse for one day and grabbed my third crew skill slot and was astounded that even though I unlocked it, I could deploy one less companion and you took away the crafting queue. Free players will find crafting very tedious with this being the case.

I subbed again because I like the game and the story and would like to finish it out on all the story lines. It is sad that several months later there are several bugs I remember from my previous time playing. LoS issues in Taral V still, broken codex entries, still no cathar (wasnt that mentioned in 1.2?), no new story content or quests (sure you added dailies and ops, but the story is thebest part of you game, why not invest in it?).

I fear that when I get bored I will unsub, maybe to come back and continue my quest for completion, but I doubt I will play in preferred status. The only thing preferrable about it is that I would prefer to play another game than play this one without subbing. I consider this a P2P game, Free and preferred are a broken game. Fix the game, dont just find ways to milk more money out of people with your falsely advertised "features".