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12.13.2012 , 12:59 PM | #346
First, I am a casual player. I have been subscribed since early access and my highest character is 44. I have quite a few alts (spread on 3 servers in an attempt to play with friends and to leave dead servers). I pretty much enjoy everything about this game. The leveling is the best I have ever played. The PVP is actually fun, and I don't normally like PVP. Space missions are a nice break and beat the heck out of sitting by a pond fishing (something that still boggles my mind that people actually do it in an mmo). Crafting is good, gives me items I can use, and I like the addition of the companion quest skills (diplomacy, investigation, underworld trading).

So lots of good things.

Things I would like to see in the future.

First, tone down the over-the-top excitement. I mean, the game is good, but it isn't Wild Stallion bring-about-world-peace good. Seriously you are conveying the feeling that your game couldn't possibly get any better than it is and that is just not true.

Chapter 4 with 8 individual story lines. I have a few alts and it would be nice to have a different story for each as I level them. If it is going to converge into one story then you have obviously given up on making a "story driven" mmo. Class stories is one of the most unique, innovative, and most successful parts of TOR. To abandon them would be foolish.

Social activities. More events like the Rakghoul Plague is good, but you need other things that are more constant.

Pazaak should be a very simple mini-game that can be introduced. Just be careful about adding too much of it to the Cartel shop.

Swoop racing in KOTOR was a rail game similar to the space game you have now. How hard would it be to import the space game programming to a swoop racing game? Just change the ship to a swoop bike and the back ground from space to a swoop track and you are done. People would be thrilled!

Last, and maybe more important. Talk to your players! People spout doom and gloom, make baseless predictions, and you just let them. Usually they are wrong, but sometimes they are right. Then you don't explain why an unpopular change was made. People can be very understanding if they can relate to the issues you are facing. Keeping us in the dark does not help anyone.