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Quote: Originally Posted by DarthBuckets View Post
One possible solution out of this hole could be the following:
1. Lower material cost of the crafted upgrades.
2. Buff the non-Cartel Market pieces a bit to be better than those in the Cartel Market. It does not need to be a huge bump.
3. Learn from this situation in the future.

If all we get is #3, I'm content.
Quote: Originally Posted by DAMossimo View Post
My preference would be #1. This would soothe the crafters plight as well.

#2 seems like a good idea but I fear the implementation would be complicated and require too much time to "fix" this in a timely manner.

And, I would be happy with #3 as well if that's all we got.
I think #1 would be the best solution. The real inequity to begin with the the grind itself to get the parts in game. If it was a purely cosmetic grind (such as GW2's Legendaries), it would be one thing, but since this is a required grind (gear progression/treadmill) to enable a better chance of success, then they need to look at reducing the cost and time grind. I would also like to see them raise the price of the gear packs in the store as well. To me, the current price (@$10 US) is way to cheap for the type of gear it is. It should be a minimum of $15, imo.

Agreed that #2 is probably impractical at this point.

#3 - I think it may be a forgone conclusion that they have. We saw it with the F2P restrictions on the PTS, so I think it also holds here.

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