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12.13.2012 , 12:45 PM | #29
Wanted to pop back in and say thanks to all who posted. Even though tempers flared and feelings may have gotten hurt. TONS of good info was presented. I personally feel like I know the directions to take now as I progress into Nightmare mode.

Quick final question. SR vs. Absorb has been stated to be optimal at the same percentages (60/60, 59/59, etc). Would the shield being a proc and the absorb being in relation only if the proc happens mean I should probably go a bit higher with the SR (also we have the ion boost of 4%).

After carefully weighing both side I have optimized into the following Def: 18% SR 59% Absorb 58%. Tanked a bit last night and felt VERY "tanky".

Thanks again for all the great posts.