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You cheapened the integrity of the market once you started putting top tier gear (of any kind) for sale on the Cartel Market.

That is the fundamental problem here. If you guys want to start selling more top-tier gear on the Market... and I don't care what the cost is... if you want to sell ANY top-tier gear on the Market on a go-forward basis, just come out and say it so that I can unsub because that isn't the MMO I signed up for.
^This a thousand times.

Let us know if this P2W crap is the way you are going forward so I can unsub and go play something else. Your greedy asses will loose a subscriber and a cartel shop customer for cheapening the game. There is absolutely NO reason to put end game gear (either player, companion or ship) in the cartel market, none at all.

IT IS P2W, the exact same thing you said will not be done.
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