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I've seen alot of Darkness/Madness build with Death field, etc. They seem good but alot force-heavy and lacking some talents that I really enjoy and miss.

I've never seen any Darkness/Deception hybrid for a while & wondering if this one would really work.

Surging charge.
Fade. 30% AoE dmg red, good for gimping all smashers & w/e AoE you get thrown upon you.
Induction. this one seems to be left out most of the times. 30% extra crit dmg on maul is a beast.
Blackout. 25% dmg red. With fade a smash get reduced with 55% if timed right. You can see when a warrior is smash-happy.
Obfuscation. With Premonition you always get that 1st CC on other stealthers, or take them out from steealth fast when your team is nearby. Also a 15% movement increase.
Avoidance. The -5 sec Cd on force speed is good against kiters in long fights, also more interrupts (the CC-breaker is, meh)
Dark Embrace. More burst from stealth against healers, etc.
Insulation. IMO a better point spent than in 10 extra force or 10 force every 10 sec. You get 35%+ armor with Eye of the Storm.

No Chain shock.
No exploit strikes.
No torment.
No death field.

I havn't tried this one out yet because I'm re-rolling Assassin from my other toons, just wondering what you feel about this specc.
with the extra force regen and some def abilities from darkness, combined with Force pull, Disjunction & out-of-stealth spike I think this one would do good DPS aas well as give some flexibility to run around and harass on the battlefield.

NOTE: This is not me trying to find out ther best 1v1 specc, but one that would provide some benefits to the whole team with flexibility, some surv but not gimping the DPS.

Or am I totally wrong and gimping the trees as F**K here?!
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can you make sword in box light sword so sword come out when opened? then if sword is back after sword, use light saber on box, and saber will be boxed after sword is out.