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I to have been crashing every 3 hours. Everything runs beautifully until the 3 hours then bam! Crash to desktop.

What I have been researching is why. This is what I have come up with so far.

Windows XP SP3

All versions of XP have a 2 gb limit on any memory operation.

"An artifact of the design of 32bit processors and the 32bit API for Windows, the 2GB barrier is a cap on how much addressing space (related to but not equivalent to memory usage) a single application can use. This isn't a bug but rather the result of how hardware and software was created so many years ago, and while everyone has known this barrier will inevitably be hit, as we'll see there are several reasons why it can't simply be moved or bypassed. Meanwhile hitting it involves affected applications crashing for what can appear to be no good reason, and understanding why the 2GB barrier exists and what can be done will be important for resolving those crashes."

This needs to be addressed by Bioware. There is nothing you can do about it! I know I have tried every single option provided by these kinds of threads besides going out and buying Windows 64 products. I know I will but right now it's not an option.

What I have learned is if your video card is 1 gb ram then it subtracts that from your available ram for the system because Windows XP can not address anything above 4gb in total. Thats the limit period. The swap file is pointless because if you increase the size of the page file it just creates more problems. Once the SWTOR.exe file tries to access more then is available to any process (2gb limit) you will get crash to desktop. If you set the swap file beyond it's limit you get page file corruption and a subsequent blue screen because the swap file is prone to corruption once the 2gb limit for a process is reached + system requirements. All must equal 4 GB period. Once it goes over CTD's happen.

BioWare must limit the process of the client to less then 2gb. It seems once it hits 1.6 gb it craps out on some systems because of the larger video cards like mine(1gb). Bioware must use a memory manager to set limits on the memory usage via a memory manager they use in the client. If Bioware makes the client behave in this way I believe all crashes to desktop will stop and the quality of play will be maximized.

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No this is not OS related if that were the case 64 bits users wouldnt have this problem.