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12.13.2012 , 12:06 PM | #554
I don't get some of these people defending the angle that this is okay for these reasons:

1) It's not Pay To Win because you're not actually winning.
If they sold top end PvP gear on the CC Market, it doesn't guarantee you'll win right? In fact, you could end up losing every time you set foot in a WZ, but I'm pretty sure most people would consider this P2W as you're basically buying gear that usually takes in-game effort to obtain (effort by PvP'ing, effort to obtain the crafting mats, effort to buy items off the GTN by obtaining the credits necessary).

2) It's not Pay to Win because you're not directly competing against anyone
If they didn't sell PvP gear, but sold PvE gear, that's not directly competing against someone else. You're grouped with other people in a combined effort to down a scripted AI boss. You can say you're competing against others for "Server 1st" or "World 1st", but all this gear does is help you to down content faster. But that's exactly what the ship upgrades do. They help you complete those new missions faster and more easily which enables you to obtain credits and commendations.

3) It's a mini-game so doesn't impact anything else in the game
Please see by last item in #2. Because you obtain credits, comms that can buy crafting mats via the boxes, and BH comms for doing weekly quests you are now being rewarded with things beyond the scope of the mini-game... and because those new ship upgrades help you do it faster and more easily... it boils down to the fact that you're buying upgrades that help you obtain gear faster and more easily.

4) What does it matter to you?
Because buying gear with real life money circumvents the spirit of the MMO community. Before the CC Market everyone was obtaining their gear by effort in the game. Whether they spent time by raiding, doing Daily and Weekly Missions, doing quests to earn in-game credits to then buy the mats and gear, doing the space missions to earn comms to obtain crafting mats... all of these systems are in place meaning that the person is putting their effort into this game and time in this game.

When someone opens up their wallet, whips out their credit card, and buys those items on the Market they circumvent any in-game effort. They are buying their way to end-game items w/out making any in-game effort. That is at the very heart of Pay To Win.