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Ok, I will massage your ego, I like it and hope to see more.
Ha, well thanks.

The ego massaging actually helps me, because despite knowing that I have talent, I am continuously worried when people don't comment on my stories, and I see other stories getting comments - ones with no real plot or substance other than a lot of fluff words and a barely-there premise designed only to allow the writer to create a situation which would essentially never happen.

On the other hand, I meticulously research everything I write (one reason it takes so long in between stories) and try to include sub plots (Apoc's hand injury has been a reoccurring theme which is mentioned from time to time, though it hasn't affected her combat performance - yet). So I can get a little down when I see something like 500 views and there's only comments from 2 different people. Makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong.
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