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Hey everyone!

I recently joined a guild that has already been doing HM TFB for awhile. I joined up as a Powertech tank for them, and I had experience up to SM EC. They quickly ran me through HM EC to gear me up for the higher content. For the last couple days, I tanked HM TFB for the first time, and this was also my first experience with a 16man raid. The guild was very patient with me and we managed to clear the operation (let's just ignore the whole final boss being bugged for now...), but I had a hell of a time with Kephess the Undying. We probably wiped 5 times because of me not being able to keep up with what was going on. I was getting increasingly frustrated with the encounter and really didn't enjoy it, mainly because I kept losing track of what was going on.

First off, does anyone have a good video of tanking Kephess the Undying from a tank perspective on hard mode?

From my understanding of last night, for phase 1 my job is to tank swap with the other tank whenever one of us gets the lightning distortion thing on us, because that causes us to lose aggro and do area damage. To clear it, you run into the little lightning pits.

The first problem I was running into is I was making a beeline for the lightning pits to clear the debuffs, and then all those little orbs would drop down right on top of me and I'd get aggro on them. After a few attempts someone informed me that by running out there I was forcing the balls to spawn so I should wait a couple seconds after getting the lightning debuff before running into the middle.

Second, I was having a heck of a time watching in all directions trying to figure out which tower I need to drag him to. Sometimes it seemed like the lightning graphic wasn't even showing up right. And THEN as I would be pulling him to the tower, all the stupid balls would spawn again and I'd have to try my best to weave around them.

Phase 2 they had the other tank take control of since he's more experienced. I felt like a liability at that point because I don't do much damage as a tank and the nanites mechanic just leaves me more room to screw up.

Really I'm just looking for as many tanking pointers on this encounter as possible, because I was really frustrated with myself that I was causing so many screw ups for my new guild. Any pointers or videos would be appreciated!

Beyond this one fight I didn't have any problems with the rest of the operation, all the fights are pretty fun!